InstaGalactic: Taking Your Instagram Account Growth Into The Stratosphere!
Ready To Leverage The Power Of Social Media To Transform Your Business Growth?
Learn The EXACT System We Use To Gain 21,000  Targeted Instagram followers IN A SINGLE MONTH!
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Hear what our clients are saying...
Prashansha Sharma
 - Social Media Entrepreneur

"Since I started that course, in less than 7 weeks I have 3000 followers and they're growing every day!"
Abi Holgate
- Zest Wellness Founder & Online Marketer

"Within 3 months I've reached over 10,000 followers... I'm now at the stage I'm starting to monetise for my business."
Sooz Young
 - Founder: Your Yoga Business Online & Technology Coaching

"I was able to get more business in the space of just 5 days!"
We've Gone InstaGalactic On Instagram - Now You Can Too!
SuperCharge Your Growth, SuperCharge Your Results!
Tired of spending HOURS on Instagram, trying every trick in the book to grow your Instagram following? 

Maybe you feel overwhelmed or even confused about how everyone else seems to make it look so easy?

What if we told we've found the system that gets results INSTANTLY - bringing THOUSANDS of highly active, highly engaged and targeted followers to our Instagram account every single day?!
Stand Out On Instagram Right NOW!
Why Do I Need To Go Big On Social Media?
Would you like to be seen as an EXPERT in your niche? Maybe you're looking to share your product or service with your local community, the wider region or even have reach on a global scale?

In the crazy world we live in today, having a huge following and significant presence on Social Media immediately places you in a position of authority. You become seen as an expert in your field. 

Hi there! I'm Jake Davey - Founder of InstaGalactic. Just like you, I knew a presence on Social Media was THE BEST WAY right now to drive my business forward, to grow my personal brand and stay ahead of the competition!

I've seen so many successful businesses - often with a superior product or service - lose out to their competitors because they are not reaching an online market with a significant presence on Social Media. 

Online, the numbers matter. And for your business - a huge and engaged following matters!

The question then... Which platform is right for you and your business?

We'd tried reaching our audience through Blogging, SEO, Twitter campaigns and even Facebook ads... but the return was underwhelming. 

And then we found Instagram... 

Never has there been a platform to reach your ideal customer with the level of interaction and engagement as Instagram!

It's not just about the numbers though! Instagram has transformed the face of our business - it's been the most effective platform to forge strong and meaningful relationships with our followers and customers. 
"Social Media has transformed the face of business... never has there been a platform to reach your ideal customer with the level of interaction and engagement as Instagram."  
Jake Davey - Founder of InstaGalactic
And Then We Found Instagram...
Like most people, we started with ABSOLUTE ZERO followers and no idea where to start!
But very quickly, I discovered some simple strategies and techniques to really build traction and explode our Instagram following across our different accounts. 

Where other marketing strategies had been tiresome - maybe even dull(!!) - growing the business with Instagram was actually fun!!

Engagement continued to increase and the business went into OVERDRIVE. And with that, our Instagram Account started growing at the speed of light!

By this time we were getting a HUGE following on Instagram. Now we know - as do you - that loads of followers and high engagement alone doesn't pay the bills - customers do. 

With Instagram, this was different... we quickly realised our loyal followers were actually becoming leads and even regular customers as well!

And the best bit? 
We were generating a steady stream of highly qualified leads and paying customers every single day, completely for free!
We've Grown Over 175K On Our Flagship Account And We're Still Growing At Over 11,000 New Followers Every Month!
Take A Look At The Incredible Growth We've Enjoyed This Year!
What does this mean for you?
Well here's the great news! We very quickly realised that the insane results we were getting weren't just a one-off. 

Instead they could be systemised into SIMPLE & EASY TO FOLLOW STEPS which could be used by ANY business, ANY Instagram account and with ANY niche - anywhere in the world!

And so, if you're committed to...
  • Building A Highly Engaged & Loyal Customer Base
  • Getting Targeted Leads For Your Business
  • Exploding Your Email Database
  • Reaching A Global Audience 
  • Boosting Your Brand, Product or Service
 ... then YOU BELONG on Instagram.  
You belong here - it's not just about the latest coffeeshop snaps, topless hunks and videos of cats falling down the stairs anymore! Instagram is THE most engaged platform to build your loyal fanbase and gain new customers. 
Just like we did, you've probably wasted loads of time with strategies just like these that just don't work...!
Strategy 1: The Follow / Unfollow Method
Ever spent hours trying to follow loads of different accounts, just in the hope they will follow you back? Talk about a waste of time - and a pain in the thumb! This outdated method may have been a success in the past - but it doesn't wash any more! Save your time and give your thumbs a rest!
Strategy 2: Spend Hours Creating Your Own Content
Are you spending HOURS creating your own content, just so you're able to post ever day? Stop it - immediately! We'll show you the easy-to-follow Blueprint we used to grow our first 100k followers without creating any of our own content!
Strategy 3: Buying Instagram Followers
Our brand relies on trust, transparency and integrity - and so does yours! We know - like you do - that real and authentic followers can't be bought. Instead, maintain the integrity of your business and grow a huge following with our tried and tested methods - allowing you to reach highly targeted followers, leads and customers. 
And... believe it or not, these outdated strategies are still often used on Instagram. Sadly we see it every day!

Of course, it's up to you if you really have the time (and money) to keep throwing into these methods, just in the hope they may eventually turn a profit. 

With InstaGalactic, we've found a tried and tested Blueprint which allows you to grow your tribe faster, easier and with full confidence you'll be attracting highly engaged and targeted followers. 
This Isn't Just About Growing A Huge Following - It's About Turning Your Followers Into Targeted Leads And Paying Customers
So Why Instagram? What's up with Twitter or Facebook? These numbers speak for themselves... 
When you're so busy building your business, its ESSENTIAL to put your focus, time and effort on strategies that you know work! Optimise the time you spend on social media - the numbers speak for themselves!
Highly Engaged Audience: Instagram boasts Engagement 120x more than Twitter & 57x more than Facebook
Perfectly mobile - with more than 90% of users accessing the app from their phone, you know Instagram is the ideal way to reach your audience, any time and any place!
Fastest Growing: With over 900+ Million Monthly Active Users - and growing at a rate of +100M every 6 months, get in there now, before it's too late!
This isn't just about growing a huge following on Instagram...
Almost Immediately We Started Building Targeted Leads From Our Loyal Following. These Leads Then Got Turned Into Real Customers!
Enter InstaGalactic...

The InstaGalactic Program Is A Click-By-Click Training Showing The Exact Steps To SuperCharge Your Instagram Account Growth With Engaged Followers, Targeted Leads And Loyal Customers For Your Business.
Let's break down EXACTLY what you'll receive when you join...
  • THE ULTIMATE SUCCESS FORMULA - InstaGalactic's unique success formula - growing over 100k followers WITHOUT creating any of our own content!
  • COMPREHENSIVE TRAINING - Over 10 hours of dedicated video lessons and actionable downloads which cover EVERYTHING you need - from Instagram novice to Instagram Influencer!
  • ROCKET GROWTH - The EXACT Blueprint we use to secure 21,000 targeted followers IN A SINGLE MONTH!
  • THE ESSENTIAL 3C METHOD  - Optimise the time you do spend on Instagram with these three obvious (yet often forgotten) tips.  Don't put out another Instagram post until you've done this!
  • PROFILE PERFECT - Stand out from your Instagram competitors with these absolute must-do tips!
  • GUARANTEED RESULTS - More than just a following - access the SUCCESS SYSTEM we use to convert faithful followers into loyal customers. 
  • TOOLS - The most relevant and up-to-date supporting tools we use with Instagram to guarantee huge engagement on every post we share!
In this training you're going to learn how to build automated systems which work on auto-pilot - even while you sleep! Meaning you can bring in new leads and customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
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Here's What You Get In Each Module
Module 1: Account Set Up
  • Launch Pad - Set off in style and as we show you EXACTLY why Instagram is the most valuable platform for your business growth right now!  
  • Influence and Authority - We walk you through a comprehensive range of Instagram heroes - we show you exactly what they're doing right and how you leverage this knowledge for your own account!
  • Settings & Security - Take confidence knowing your account is in good hands as we show you the essential know-how to keep your account secure - so it stays with you, forever!
Module 2: Profile Perfect
  • Stand Out Bio - The comprehensive overview of what you must do when creating your Instagram profile - get recognised with a clean and punchy bio.
  • Photo Greatness - Whether your Instagram account is for business or personal use,  we'll show you how to optimise your profile image to catch the eye of anyone who comes across it.
  • Model the Masters - The simple strategy you can use to increase your exposure on the platform to guarantee you show up in the Instagram search feature along with the biggest accounts in your business area.
Module 3: Content Strategy
  • Source Viral Content - We'll show you the "go to" methods we use every day so you can feed your page with a wealth of viral and engaging content - works for any niche! 
  • Your First Posts - Still image, video or carousel, we'll walk you through each of posting options available so you can secure the strategy which best fits your niche, business or personal brand.  
  • Consistency Is King - Build trust and integrity with your community and cement a solid relationship with your tribe with a flow of consistent and relevant content. 
Module 4: Killer Growth & Engagement Strategy
  • 5 > 3 > 1 Method - Make it a no-brainer for your ideal client to follow your Instagram account when you apply this simple yet powerful growth strategy.
  • The 3Cs - The MOST important checklist we use before we post any content on Instagram. Learn, follow and implement these steps for great results - every time!
  • Exclusive Content - See the EXACT system and most powerful S4S strategy that gave us over 12k new followers in one month, returns over 11k every month and even broke the richter scale with over 1400 new followers in just one day!
Module 5: Data & Analytics
  • Know Your Numbers - What gets measured, gets managed. Immerse yourself in effective growth tracking  - so you can see exactly which growth strategies explode your account growth! 
  • Our Favourite Tool - Discover the number one tool we use to find the most valuable data for any account on Instagram! Track your competitors and model your market leaders with ease!
  • Optimise Your Impact - Want to know the best time to post? The hashtags you should be using and the content that will yield the highest levels of engagement? We show you exactly where you get your hands on the most priceless information for your account growth. 
Module 6: Supporting Tools
  • Ahead Of The Game - Stay ahead of the curve with the most relevant supporting tools to grow your Instagram account right now!
  • Immediate Impact - No drama, no fluff, just straight to the point. We keep this section punchy and lazer-focused - leaving you only the most valuable strategies you can action straight away. 
  • Stand Out! - Share in the latest apps we use to grab attention, make an impact and get your content noticed on  the Instagram feed.
Module 7: Monetising Instagram
  • Taking Care Of Business - We share the most effective, safe and secure way to transform to a business account on Instagram. 
  • Turn A Profit - You can start earning with your Instagram account sooner than you think - why not get started today? 
  • Multiple Streams - Don't limit yourself to just one income stream - we share the latest strategies that are working right now for businesses just like your own!
Try InstaGalactic RISK FREE for 30 days...
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We're so confident you'll LOVE InstaGalactic, we'll make this a NO BRAINER! If you're not entirely satisfied, you'll get your full money back as long as you have completed the course.
I don't know why you wouldn't want to keep growing a huge number of targeted followers, but if you decide Highly Engaged Followers, Quality Leads and Loyal Customers isn't for you... you'll get your investment back.
Let's make this deal EVEN SWEETER...

When You Join InstaGalactic Today, We'll Throw In These Incredible Bonuses At No Extra Charge!
We're fully confident, that when you take that first peek at InstaGalactic, you'll know you've made the most valuable investment for your online business. To ensure you really do succeed, we've added a few extras to propel your Growth more than you could ever imagine! 

So when you lock in your order today,  we've got a few added extras to give you a HUGE boost!
90 Minute Live Training Call With Me!
New algorithm impacting your reach? Looking for a great engagement group or looking for the best S4S strategies out there?

Join today and I'm giving you the opportunity to get on a Live 90 minute training call with me where you'll receive personalised guidance, advice and feedback as we keep you one step ahead of the curve. 

Navigate the latest updates and changes with Instagram and experience a detailed walk-through of the latest developments LIVE with me! 
Looking for more personalised support? Sure thing! That's exactly what the call is for - I look forward to seeing you there!
Top 10 Do's And Don'ts of Instagram
Join right now and you'll get Instant Access to THE ESSENTIAL GUIDE: The Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Instagram - and we'll deliver it direct your email inbox!

A detailed and easily accessible step-by-step walkthrough of the absolute things you MUST DO to position yourself as an Instagram Powerhouse.

We also share the biggest mistakes so many are making on Instagram right now and what you need to do to avoid them! Maintain a healthy, genuine and sustainable growth on your Instagram account. 

Finally, we've included the MOST IMPORTANT advice we were ever given on Instagram! 

Don't put out another Instagram post until you've read this!
The Essential Competition Checklist
Want to promote your brand, product or service for free whilst growing your Instagram following?

Did you know that competitions and giveaways on Instagram are actually one of the most effective growth strategies available right now!

We'll walk you through the whole step-by-step process to get the message out for your Instagram account. From competition set up, finding the offer that will capture your audience, managing your competition and aftercare - getting your prize to the winners - we'll be with you every step of the way.

This fool-proof checklist shows you exactly how you can get started with competitions on Instagram today - works for every market! 
Right here, we're giving you the FULL proven system we have used to grow each of our Instagram accounts. 

Join today and you'll get the FULL InstaGalactic Package and throw in all of these INCREDIBLE BONUSES so you can focus on what really matters - supercharging your Instagram account growth and building your successful online business!

I look forward to working with you and sharing in your success.

 - Jake Davey
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FAQ Section
Will Instagram work for my business?
This is a really valid question - and one which I had considered for a while before I started...

When I was looking to grow my online business, I wasn't so confident this was the right platform either. Many other businesses were focusing on other platforms and Instagram didn't seem to be many people's first choice. 

What has been remarkable, is that through our time using the Instagram platform, working with influencers, businesses and brands across all different markets - I'm yet to see a market that this does not work for!

The beauty of Instagram as a truly visual social media - and a very mobile one too - it that so many individuals and businesses use this space as their vision board, for inspiration and escape. 

Here on Instagram you'll find content, accounts and profiles to suit every market! If every market is here, you can guarantee your perfect audience will be too!
Why is it so important to get started right now?
Instagram is currently the fastest growing Social Media platform out there!

With an expected 900+ Million Daily Active Users and growing at a rate of over 100+Million more daily active users every SIX MONTHS this truly is the place to be!

New features such as Instagram Live and Instagram Stories, an enhanced Ad network - bringing more affordable results than Facebook and Twitter - and with engagement levels that outstrip the competitors, Instagram remains wholly underused and unsaturated. 

This is why you should start right now! Start building your following today, build your brand awareness and reap the benefits of a commanding and significant following on Instagram. 

As the platform turns more to paid advertising - as it has with Facebook, Twitter and Youtube - you'll be in the driving seat, with a comprehensive understanding of Instagram  and an established brand on the platform which converts followers into leads and loyal customers. 
Can I really get 1000s of new followers with this course?

The comprehensive InstaGalactic training program covers the full Success System which we used to grow our Flagship Instagram account to over 100k followers. Better still, it's the same system that thousands of our clients are using every day to see the same results for their own accounts too!

With the InstaGalactic course, we'll take you step-by-step through the entire system to fast-track your following and build a significant and engaged presence on Instagram.  

And it gets better - these amazing bonuses will fully support everything you learn in the training course - meaning you can start seeing results immediately!
How do I access the InstaGalactic course?
Once you've made your purchase, we'll send you an email with your personal Username and Password login details for the InstaGalactic Membership site. 
Inside you will find all training videos, downloadable materials and bonuses too! 

The Membership Site can then be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! 

We've ensured all of the content can be accessed via computer, mobile, or tablet - meaning you can complete your training any place, any time!
How do I access these amazing bonuses?
That's easy!

Once you've joined the InstaGalactic program, we'll send you full details via email of how you can access these incredible bonuses. We'll fast-track the content to your email inbox and we'll even incl include links to them on your Membership Site too.

Let's get started!
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Why spend another minute on over-complicated and confusing  strategies that are out-dated and just don't work any more... when instead you can start building a loyal customer base on auto-pilot and with just minutes a day.

Get INSTANT Access to the full InstaGalactic training program and all EXCLUSIVE BONUSES right now for a one-time investment...
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  • > Full InstaGalactic Course 
  • > Over 10 Hours Comprehensive Content
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What happens once you've ordered...
  • You'll receive a welcome email taking you to the exclusive Instagram Membership Site where you can create your account.
  • Start immediately - dive in to the training modules - set up your Instagram account and start building your following today!
  • Get more targeted leads and more customers for your business
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